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A Level Maths

Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics

What will you be working towards?

Alternative Title A Level Maths
Code Maths (A Level)
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


This course is ideal for learners who have a strong interest in working with numbers and problem solving. The course covers topics such as indices, surds, polynominals, co-ordinate geometry and graphs, differentiation and integration, quadratic theory, trigonometry, sequences and series algebra, numerical methods, differential equations, vectors, force as a vector, equilibrium of a particle, kinematics and many more.

There is the opportunity to take part in a national Mathematics competition as well as attending the popular Scary Maths classes that take place at lunchtime.


This course is assessed by exams. The Units are:

  • Proof
  • Algebra and functions
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Sequences and series
  • Trigonometry
  • Exponentials and logarithms
  • Differentiation
  • Integration
  • Vectors
  • Quantities and units in mechanics
  • Kinematics
  • Forces and Newton’s law
  • Statistical sampling
  • Data presentation and interpretation
  • Probability
  • Statistical distributions
  • Statistical hypothesis testing

How will it be delivered?

This course is assessed by exams.

Entry requirements

GCSE Maths at Grade 6 and an average points score of 5.7 or above.

Your next steps...

This course is aimed at students who would like to progress in any career which involves Mathematics, such as Engineering, Sciences, Accountancy, Finance.



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