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A Level Geography

Social Sciences

Social Sciences
Social Sciences

What will you be working towards?

Alternative Title A Level Geography
Code Geography
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


This course is ideal for learners who would like to study about the problems facing the world and possible solutions to them alongside the processes shaping the physical environment. Learners will explore the causes and impacts of floods, droughts, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, the impacts of solutions to global warming and the process shaping coastlines. Learners will also study issues linked to the impacts of migration, why human rights vary across the world and impact of the rise of emerging powers.

There are also opportunities to go on visits and trips within this subject, one of our more recent trips was to Flamborough.


The Units are:

  • Tectonic processes and hazards: Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and secondary hazards such as tsunamis. The causes, impacts on people and management.
  • Coastal landscapes and change: Waves, tides, sub-aerial processes and sea level change produce a variety of coastal landscapes. Coastal management strategies.
  • Globalisation: The spread of global TNCs, migration of populations, development of communication has impacts on countries and people.
  • Regenerating places: Urban and rural areas are in need of regeneration using a variety of strategies using tourism, sport, retailing and culture.
  • The water cycle and water insecurity: Physical and human processes influence the water cycle causing flooding and water supply problems. Climate change and El nino.
  • The carbon cycle and energy security: Human influences on the carbon cycle causes global warming. The use of renewables and biofuels and issues of energy security.
  • Superpowers: Superpowers and emerging superpowers have a significant impact on the global economy, global politics and the environment. Global development and connections: The reasons for variations in the level of development across the world and the causes and impacts of international migration.
  • Health, Human Rights and Interventions: The study of why health and human rights vary across the world. Do interventions such as military conflict or aid improve health and human rights?

How will it be delivered?

This course is assessed by exams and coursework.

Entry requirements

GCSE Grade 5 in English, Grade 4 in Maths with an average points score of 4.6 or above.

Your next steps...

This course is ideal for students who would like a career in planning, environmental development, journalism or many more.



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